Our Programs

Academy programs will be anchored in disciplined discussion.  This presumes that not only the faculty-presenter, but the students as well, are in the process of acquiring knowledge in a given field and are sensitive to the interconnectedness of that field with other fields, methodologies and modes of presentation. 

The goals of the Academy are many: to develop skills to comprehend better, to write well, tell a story, and master public speaking, and to graduate the student with a powerful and informed sense of self and possibility. The Academy provides an environment where the student is able to enhance and illuminate her/his specialty or major discipline through understanding its intimate relatedness to other disciplines.  When effective, this can free the specialty from its inherent constraints. Finally, the Academy’s success will be realized in a student’s capability of developing his/her own approach to study—moving away from the traditional inefficient analog mode toward a comprehensive, systemic digital mode—thus becoming a true polymathic practitioner.