Innovation Scholars

Each academic year, a cohort of dedicated and creative students join us at the Ahmanson Lab as Innovation Scholars. Innovation Scholars work over the year with faculty, experts, artists, designers, and fellow students in one of our team-based Collaboratories. As part of their yearlong residence Innovation Scholars are also awarded $1000 stipend and given access to the Lab’s technology and space.

A call for applications is announced each summer. Let us know if you’d like to receive our next call.

Innovation Scholars: 2022-2023

Yingtong Peng Headshot
Communication Data Science

Yingtong is a master's student majoring in Communication Data Science. She is working on user experience design in the metaverse and uses virtual technologies to enrich real life.

Isabelle Lim Headshot
Business Administration, Designing for Digital Experiences
Isabelle Lim is a business and digital design student based in Boston, who first broke into the creative field through her interest in portrait drawing. As a UI/UX designer, research assistant, and digital artist based in Boston, she's collaborated on projects with WNDR Museum, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, Unilever, and Discover Financial Services. 
Emma Johnson headshot
Geological Sciences

Emma Johnson is a senior majoring in Geological Sciences. She is mainly interested in how people interact with and affect their physical environment and how digital technology can be used to bridge this gap in understanding.

Emma Leihe Headshot
Computer Science Games

Emma Leihe is a third-year CSGA student interested in creating games that convey meaningful stories. She enjoys learning about linguistics and new cultures, and in her free time can be found reading comics or (trying to) play new instruments.

Nicolas Magaloni Headshot
Media Arts + Practice

Nicolas Diaz-Magaloni is a sophomore studying Media Arts + Practice based in the Bay Area. He is a Chicano Mexican-American filmmaker and artist interested in future cinema and mixed realities.

Major Yang Headshot
Applied Math and Computer Science

Major Yang is a Sophomore at the University of Southern California double majoring in Applied Math and Computer Science. I'm extremely enthusiastic about becoming an Innovation Scholar at the Ahmanson Lab because I am excited to learn more about how data science and computer programming can be applied to practical research.

Jasmine Yu Headshot
Computer Science

Jasmine is a 1-year master's student majoring in computer science. She is passionate about using technology to polish art. She has experience in data visualization, computer vision, web development, and embedded computing systems. She calls herself a traveler and enjoys exploring different city cultures. She loves going to museums, Tim Burton’s movies, and visiting the nearest Petco.

Susan Tang Headshot
Environmental Studies

Susan is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies. She is excited to learn more about data analysis and science communications, and in her free time enjoys crocheting, reading, and baking. 

Yuwei Lin headshot
Interactive Media and Game Design

Yuwei is a third-year MFA student in the Interactive Media and Game Design program (IMGD). As a game designer and multi-media artist, she loves to explore connections between video games, art, and education. She believes that game has the potential to achieve an artistic expression unique to the game per se.

Nicole Carrera Headshot

Nicole Carrera is a third-year GeoDesign and Web Development student from Miami, Florida. She is interested in GIS, or geographic information sciences, and its applications in sustainability, transportation, and racial equity. In her free time, Nicole enjoys the outdoors, especially kayaking or paddleboarding at the beach.