Become an Academy Fellow

Students who participate in an approved series of Academy activities and events qualify to become Academy Fellows.   

Students can pursue one of the following paths towards Fellowship status:

  • Participate in eight events organized by the Academy. Participation in these events should be thoughtful and engaged as judged by faculty or Harman staff members. The events must be distributed between both Academy spaces, with no more than six events at either space. For instance, students can attend six Polymathic Pizzas in the Doheny space and two Workshops at the Ahmanson Lab, or visa versa.
    • Participation in one yearlong Collaboratory at the Ahmanson Lab counts as eight Harman events.
    • Membership on our annual Catalina Planning Committee counts as five harman events.
    • Attending Catalina as part of our annual Cohort counts as three Harman events.
  • In addition to the eight events, all Fellow candidates must attend the Quadrants Series covering all four Quadrants. Q1/2: Critical and Integrative Thinking and the Study of the Polymaths; Quadrants 3/4: The Tapestry of Knowledge and Communication.   

Upon completion of the above requirements, Fellow Candidates must meet with the Academy’s Director or an Advisory Board member shortly before graduation. In this meeting, the candidate should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of polymathy and reflect upon their application of polymathic principles in scholarly work during their tenure at USC. 

Those achieving Fellowship status will be awarded an Academy Certificate, recognized at graduation in a special ceremony featuring distinctive honorary regalia, and become part of our esteemed group of alumni.