Polymathic Pizza meets Peaks & Professors: Whose Nature Is It?

Nov 7 2018
When: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Where: Harman Academy
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Whose Nature Is It? A Conversation on the Social Inequality and Accessibility of the Outdoors

We think of the wilderness as boundary-less, open space, free of racial, gendered, and social biases and discriminations of modern urban society.  Or is it? For this inaugural session of the 4Ps series, wilderness writer and feminist hiker Shawnté Salabert and @modernhiker founder and Editor-in-Chief Casey Schreiner will discuss the historic and present restrictiveness of the wilderness and explore with us ways we might change the social landscape of the great outdoors.

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Shawnté Salabert

Shawnté Salabert is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer interested in the connections between humans and the natural world. Her work has appeared in Outside, Alpinist, Backpacker, Los Angeles Magazine, Adventure Journal, SNEWS, Modern Hiker, REI Co-op Journal, and Land+People, among other outlets. She is the author of Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California, which is available via Mountaineers Books.

In addition to writing about the outdoors, Shawnté serves as an ambassador for the American Hiking Society, and volunteers as a trip leader and Wilderness Travel Course staff member with the Sierra Club. She is also on the Sierra Club’s Our Wild America national leadership team.

Casey Schreiner

In addition to his work as an award-winning television writer and producer, Casey Schreiner has been a leading figure in the Los Angeles hiking scene since 2006, when he founded the site Modern Hiker www.modernhiker.com.Since then, the site has grown to become the most-read hiking website on the West Coast, covering hundreds of trails from Canada to Mexico, breaking national news about public lands vandals, and offering in-depth reporting on outdoor issues facing the West.

Schreiner’s first book Day Hiking Los Angeles (Mountaineers Books) is the most up-to-date hiking guidebook for the Los Angeles area. In addition to covering 125 hiking routes for all ages and abilities in the greater Los Angeles area, the book is also full of fascinating histories and engaging descriptions that defy L.A. stereotypes and prove that yes, you can hike in the City of Angels. In 2018, he was recognized by the United States Congress for his work connecting communities to the outdoors and he was also a keynote speaker at the Outdoor Blogger Summit on the topic of social media and the outdoors. His second book, tentatively titled “A User’s Guide to Griffith Park,” will be published by Mountaineers Books in late 2019.