AI for Ideation & Intermediate ChatGPT Techniques

Sep 26 2023
When: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: Ahmanson Lab | Leavey Library, 3rd floor (LVL 301)
Event Type: Workshop

Event Details

chatgpt workshop

Attendees will learn about how AI is used for brainstorming and ideation across different creative fields, and receive an overview of related ethics issues. There will also be a hands-on workshop for how to craft ChatGPT prompts more effectively, including the use of parameters such as temperature and presence penalties.

* * *

Part of a series of workshops on fundamentals of creative work with AI. Each workshop will take a look into how new AI tools are being used by creative professionals across multiple disciplines. Every workshop will also feature a hands-on portion where participants can learn about and experiment with some of the leading AI tools for creative work.