The Zygo series, also known as Ethical Eats, is organized by USC students in health and medicine who seek dialogue with USC faculty across disciplines to further integrate ethical themes into their curriculum. (Zygo- prefix indicating a union or joining).

The series will feature 3 roundtables this spring that seek to reach across disciplines to better understand the implications of ethics and ethical dilemmas in regards to questions of health and medicine.

The series is organized by Academy Fellow and Levan Graduate Fellow in Medical Ethics, Pavitra Krishnamani.

Half the Story: The Increasing Role of Alternative Medicine in Patients’ Lives Today

Friday, April 25, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM | DML 241

RSVP: https://tinyurl.com/usczygo3

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is being increasingly used alongside

conventional medical treatments for a wide variety of medical conditions. However, the techniques

employed by alternative health systems such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine have not

been researched in a manner acceptable for many US physicians today. This seminar seeks to explore

how alternative medicine is currently being used in conjunction with conventional medicine and what

its academic status is. It will look at how alternative medicine and cross-cultural healing is being

integrated into medical school activities, if at all, and whether or not research on alternative techniques is increasing in the United States..


Julia Borovay: Professor for HP 450, “Traditional Eastern Medicine & Modern Health”

Murali Nair: Co-Author of “Healing Across Cultures”

Armaity Austin: Education Committee Co-Chair at USC’s Institute for Integrative Health

Debu Tripathy: Clinical Committee Co-Chair at USC’s Institute for Integrative Health

Moderator: Pavitra Krishnamani, ZYGO Director, Levan Graduate Fellow, Harman Academy Fellow

Please note: Attendance at all roundtables is limited to 25, so only RSVP if you are certain you can attend.