Call for Student Conference Committee Applications

Undergraduate students have copious opportunities to attend engaging discussions and lectures, but they are often not provided an opportunity to present their own work for critical engagement and commentary to a wider audience until they reach a graduate or post-doc level. However, the best scholarship often comes from collaboration and peer feedback. This conference will give students the opportunity to engage in such crucial practices of scholarship within the intellectual and interdisciplinary environment fostered by the Harman Academy.

A panel of student organizers will be selected in fall 2014 via an application process.  This panel will work together to select the conference theme, review student submissions, invite external keynotes, and organize the speakers for a spring 2015 Student Conference.

To read the call for conference committee applications and apply, read more here.

The conference will be student organized and directed, with professors participating as keynote speakers and as moderators/respondents to student presentations to help provide a critical framework for feedback and discussion. This conference represents an exciting enhancement to the Harman Academy programming that deepens polymathic thought and discussion using students’ own scholarship and peer-to-peer learning.