Students in camera view with readout


Project Details

Project Year: 2019-2020

Project Type: Working Groups

Students in the Neurogenesis Working Group investigated how brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) can be used to inform generative artwork—as well as how these artworks can simultaneously inform audiences on the intricacies of neural signals processing. Students created studied how to telekinetically control objects in virtual reality, develop new techniques for visualizing brain data and its ongoing analysis, and prototype large-scale interactive artworks using BCIs as an interface.

The final outcome of Neurogenesis, was a suite of intuitive BCI artworks that convert neurotechnology neophytes into neuromancers—both on a technical and experiential level—in record time. This working group led to a subsequent Working Group that created an international BCI game contest and neuroethics panel.


This Working Group is co-sponsored by the USC Bridge Arts & Science Alliance.