Man holding wand in dramatic pose


Project Details

Project Year: 2019-2020

Project Type: Working Groups

Students in the EMBODY Working Group built a device using muscle sensors and Arduino boards with the goal of reimagining the relationship between inner feelings and the outer architecture of the human body.

The device students create attached sensors to sectors of the body such that muscle tension in each designated area will expand in volume, creating a wide range of dynamic sculptures through muscle movements. Muscle sensors activatedservo motors connected to a skeleton of dynamically connected material which will extend from a two-dimensional resting shape to three-dimensionality. By connecting multiple motors to the structure at different points, a wide range of dynamic sculptures can be achieved with a variety of muscle movements. This artistic interpretation of technology inteded to demonstrate the range of physical emotivity comparable to the visceral ability that certain animals have to express their inner sensations.

With the ability to mutate their physical appearance in accordance with their inner sensations, individuals explored a post-human, post-gender, androgyny and as well as realize abstract facets of our humanity which would otherwise be confined to our individual experience.