Brains at Play

Project Details

Project Year: 2021-2022

Project Type: Working Groups

Building off of the previous year's Working Groups that created an open EEG lab, published a bioethics paper, and secured funding from Visions and Voices, this group created technologies to stream, process, and visualize brain data in order to explore bioethics and brain-computer interfaces. One project is a cross-platform streaming app for OpenBCI EEG data that empowers users to create and partake in multi-brain experiences—from thought-controlled games to generative art visualizations. Participants shared these techniques with budding neuroscientists and immersive experience designers.

Another facet is to encourage international cooperation for BCI based generative art, VR, and game design through the Brains at Play initiative. In partnership with a variety of departments on campus, this working group helped produce a worldwide competition and started a Discord community for these topics. View this work at the Brains at Play website