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A way of thinking, which clearly increases the efficiency with which you go about problem solving. ”—Sidney Harman

Bastards, a Memoir: A Polymathic Exploration of Life with Mary Anna King

Bastards, a Memoir: A Polymathic Exploration of Life with Mary Anna King

Being polymathic extends far beyond mastery of multiple disciplines in school -- to be truly well-rounded, one must also possess life experience that informs your world view and approach to life. Join us as we welcome Mary King, author of the forthcoming memoir "Bastards," as she reads selected passages from her upcoming debut and discusses how her life experiences made her a polymathic author and thinker.

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The series provide opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral fellows, and junior faculty to hone interdisciplinary skills through conversations with polymathic practitioners from USC and the larger academic community. Learn more »
The library is by definition a center of interdisciplinary inquiry devoid of disciplinary biases. The library and the polymathic academy form a metaphoric and meta-cognitive environment for integrated interdisciplinary study. Learn more »
Meet the members of the university community who are shaping the academy's programs and creating the series of polymathic encounters for USC students. Learn more »

News and Updates

Polymathic Pizza is Back!

The USC Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study's signature series is back this week with the first session of our Spring 2015 series, Back to the Future.

Join us as we discuss emotions, robotics, and the future of humanity with Professor Maja Mataric this Wednesday and launch a promising slate of Spring programming.

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Spring 2015 Series

Quadrant Series with Edwin McCann

The Academy for Polymathic Study guides its enquiries through four flexible pathways or Quadrants:  (1) critical and integrative thinking; (2) study of the polymaths; (3) the tapestry of knowledge; and (4) communication.

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Undergraduate Series:

Polymathic Pizza, Part II: Back to the Future

The Future—what is it, how best to predict it, whether it will feature utopic advancement or a dystopic nightmare—has long occupied our minds. Over the course of Spring 2015, students and select faculty will consider paradoxes and what possibilities thinking about the future might hold.

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Polymathic Workshops, Panels, and Special Events

In Spring 2015, the USC Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study is partnering with leading global and academic institutions and scholars, holding workshops and symposia to explore topics and issues from a polymathic perspctive.   

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The Goethe Society

The Goethe Society, an undergraduate organization affiliated with the USC Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study, will continue its enjoyment of the cultural resources of the USC campus and greater Los Angeles. 

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