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The Academy is an intellectual space where students and eminent faculty, through conversation, learn to integrate multiple fields of learning.  Located in its own quarters on the second floor of Doheny Memorial Library, the USC Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study offers a series of conversational encounters intended to intensify polymathic (integrated interdisciplinary) awareness.  These discussions are anchored in and structured by the Quadrants of Polymathic Inquiry: critical and integrative thinking, study of the great polymaths, tapestry, and communication.


Academy programs will be structured around disciplined discussion.  This presumes that not only the faculty-presenter but the students as well are in the process of acquiring knowledge in a given field and are sensitive to the interconnectedness of that field with other fields, methodologies and modes of presentation.  The purpose of these discussions is to intensify awareness among faculty and students who are already in the process of exploring the integrated interdisciplinary dimensions of one or more fields.


There are two distinctions to make; Academy Member and Academy Fellow. To become an Academy Member simply sign up using the form below. An Academy Fellow is awarded to a student who successfully completes ten meetings over the course of their academic tenure at USC. They become eligible for an Academy Certificate provided that their participation in these ten encounters is intelligent, vigorous, and sustained, as judged by faculty participants. Of the ten meetings, the student is required to attend two Quadrant sessions, which will be offered once per semester. These ten required sessions represent a minimum—not a limit. Students are encouraged to participate in as many sessions as they find useful.  In addition to the attendance requirement, upon graduation from USC the fellow candidate will be asked to hold a conversation with the Academy’s Director and Director of Programs.  In this conversation, the candidate will 1) demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the quadrants, and 2) reflect upon their application of polymathic principles in scholarly work during their tenure at USC.


  1. The academy member has the opportunity to regularly engage senior scholars and eminent thinkers in an in-depth, yet relaxed setting.
  2. During Doheny Library operating hours and outside pre-scheduled Academy events, Academy members are given full access to Academy Hall, DML 241, for their personal study space.
  3. After successfully completing ten sessions academy members are eligible for an Academy Certificate and the distinction of being an Academy fellow.
  4. A certified Academy fellow will be honored at commencement with distinctive honorary regalia.   

We are currently accepting applications. To apply, fill out and submit the form below. If you prefer, download the printable application form, fill it out and mail to:

Dr. Karin Huebner
USC Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study
Doheny Memorial Library
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0185




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