Ahmanson Lab

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Polymathy values different ways of learning, knowing, and being, ranging from the written word to various modes of embodiment and creative practice. The Ahmanson Lab extends the Harman Academy's focus on integrative learning to the tactile and haptic, offering students a space for experimentation, play, and creative exploration. Through workshops on design, digital authoring, and other creative endeavors, we will explore the value of making to polymathic inquiry. A roster of visiting artists, designers, and makers will join us to expand our thinking about the potentials of polymathic practice.

The Ahmanson Lab is located on the third floor of Leavey Library (LVL 301).


The Ahmanson Lab offers a variety of workshops ranging from fabrication and physical computing to tools for digital scholarship.


Every semester, the Ahmanson Lab coordinates several collaboratories. Collaboratories are inter-disciplinary, team-based research labs focused on critical making. They bring students together with faculty, experts, artists, and designers to explore problems or questions via the hands-on design and production of digital artifacts.

Open Lab Hours

Amanson Lab staff keep regular lab hours every semester. Come by and learn about 3D printing, microcontrollers, and much more.