A New Year, a new semester, and Supernovae! Welcome Back Polymaths!

Hello Polymaths!  And HNY!!

The spring 2017 program is about to launch!  Last semester our Polymathic Pizza series focused on the internal pathways of the polymathic life.  Building on these principles, this semester we will explore the external mechanisms of polymathy. Practicing polymathy will be explored with professors who have applied polymathic praxis to their careers and scholarly inquiry.  We will examine multiple approaches from a wide range of academic fields to make a case for the utility of polymathy as a system of learning, discovery, innovation, problem solving, and ultimately, bettering the world around us.  Our opening session is Wednesday, January 18. 

A new initiative of the Academy, the Polymathic Lab extends its integrative learning to the tactile and haptic, offering students a space for experimentation, play, and creative exploration. Through workshops on design, digital authoring, and other creative endeavors, we will explore the value of making to polymathic inquiry. Keep an eye out on our website for upcoming sessions. 

The ZYGO series is back with two dynamic sessions that integrate ethics with health and medicine.  ZYGO 1 will look at the imperative of integrating compassion with medicine and ZYGO 2 will discuss the implications of the new administration's approach to the Affordable Care Act.

The Quadrants, led by Professor Edwin McCann, are set for the spring semester--March 7 (Quadrants 1&2) and April 4 (Quadrants 3&4)--and are required for students aiming to become Fellows of the Academy upon graduation. 

We would also like to alert you to an upcoming event of interest to all polymaths:  SUPERNOVAE Reveal an Accelerating Universe with Nobel Laureate Adam Riess. 

DATE | TIME: Monday, January 23 | 4p  PLACE: Bovard Auditorium     Click here for more information.