Fall 2020


Fall 2020's workshops series were remote, code-based workshops on P5js, TensorFlow, and D3.js. Workshops in this series were for a general audience and require no prior programing skills or technical expertise.

All workshops were held on Monday afternoons at 3:00pm

P5js Workshop

After a survey of generative design applications and tools, participants will explore algorithms that produce computational graphics and animations. Participants will learn the basics of writing code in order to create such algorithms using p5.js, a javascript library. No prior coding experience required!

Monday, Sept. 21 | 3pm

TensorFlow Tutorial Walk Through

A neural network is a set of algorithms, modeled on the human brain, designed to discover and "learn" patterns within massive data sets. These networks are powering a new generation of artificial intelligence and are responsible for radical recent advancements in facial recognition, surveillance, autonomous vehicles, and synthesized speech systems. Participants in this workshop will explore simple neural networks and learn how their algorithms work.

Monday, Oct. 19 | 3pm

Glitch and D3.js

New technologies allow developers to make efficient and versatile web applications for different use cases. After an overview of how modern web applications work, participants will learn how to make applications and data visualizations using Glitch and D3.js

Monday, Nov. 9 | 3pm