Ahmanson Lab Working Groups

Working Groups are an opportunity for USC students to dream up small-to-medium scale technology projects they’d like to work on with other students over the course of the academic year. In keeping with the mission of the Ahmanson Lab, Working Groups should aim to engage with technology critically, asking important questions or examining vital social issues while building out their respective project. In most cases those submitting a proposal for a Working Group already have a team of students with whom they plan to work, but if necessary, the Ahmanson Lab can help recruit students for a project.

In light of campus closure this Fall Semester, we will be conducting these projects remotely. Students can request small amounts of funding for cloud computing, software licenses, and in some cases, we can have cheaper hardware items such as microcontrollers delivered to a student who will be responsible for returning the hardware to the lab when campus reopens. Similarly, if students would like to work on cross platform VR development or 3D printing, our Assistant Director can assist in local testing.

Projects can vary in scope, topic, and method, but each Working Group must deliver a finished project to be showcased at an end-of-the-year event.

See last year's working groups.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with an idea for a Working Group before submitting a proposal. Contact Samir Ghosh at samirgho@usc.edu with any questions.