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“It is a place to test run your ideas and make you a better thinker. ”—Shao-Ling Ma, doctoral candidate, department of English

Spring 2012 / Polymathic Pizza - Weird Science
Cells: How Will Stem Cells Revolutionize Medicine?


Wednesday, April 4 2012


Doheny Memorial Library, Room 241


Open to undergraduates


Stem cells are the protean building blocks of biological life, triggered into multiple formats by genetic chemistry.  Hence they offer breathtaking possibilities for regenerative medicine.  How far along are we in understanding these design mechanisms?

Gregor B. Adams

Gregor B. Adams

Gregor B. Adams is assistant professor of cell & neurobiology at USC with a joint appointment in the Keck School of Medicine.  His work focuses on researching hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) niche.  His research, which involves collaborations with Cal Tech and work across many schools at USC, seeks to understand the HSC niche.  His research has important implications for the development of stem-cell treatments.

Fall 2014 Series

Quadrant Series with Edwin McCann

The Academy for Polymathic Study guides its enquiries through four flexible pathways or Quadrants:  (1) critical and integrative thinking; (2) study of the polymaths; (3) the tapestry of knowledge; and (4) communication.

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Undergraduate Series:

Polymathic Pizza, Part I: On Being Human

What does being “human” really mean and can we ever plumb the depths of the complexity of our humanity? Is being “human” a social, spiritual, or biological reality –or perhaps some combination of all three? Throughout Fall 2014, we will consider what it means to be human, beginning with the personal and expanding outwards to the global implications of our “humanness.”

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Polymathic Workshops, Panels, and Special Events

In Fall 2014, the USC Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study is partnering with leading global and academic institutions and scholars, holding workshops and symposia to explore topics and issues from a polymathic perspctive.   

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Graduate Series:

Objects of Knowledge IV

Conversations regarding objects of knowledge, visual and material worlds from a polymathic perspective.

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